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Loofah soap - What is a loofah? A loofah is a vegetable in the gourd family! The skin had been removed and the fruit dried to create the scrubby, spongelike texture.

Starship soap - This fun soap is "Out of this World!" Spaceship and asteroid rocks give a 3D effect to this fun confetti glycerin soap bar. The soap is scented in Pink Grapefruit and Mint.

Gemstone Soap - These soaps were made by creating a loaf of soap, cutting the loaf into bars, and hand faceting each "stone." Each is an individual work of art.

Rainbow Fluorite is a natural phosphorescent mineral; meaning it glow under a black light. Bands of purples and greens make up this beautiful gem. Each soap is 4 oz. The soap is scented in Rosemary and Mint

Moonstone has beautiful flashes of purple, pink, blue, and green. This soap was created layers to make sure it represents the gem it was designed to mimic. Each soap is 3 oz. It is scented in Pink Grapefruit.

Turquoise deposits are found in copper mines. Copper and quartz are often found in the matrix of turquoise stones. Ranging in color from sky blue, to robin's egg blue, from teal green to grass green, turquoise has been a prized gem for centuries. Each soap is 4 oz. It is scented in Rainforest, an earthy and floral scent of blooming jasmine, and blond woods.

Glycerin is a natural humectant and a natural part of the saponification process(where oils become soap).

All of my Fun Soaps! are created with a soap base that is free from synthetic detergents or parabens. They have excellent skin care properties, and the lather created is from the saponification of natural oils.

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